Game Day Cocktail Recipes

So, just like that, fall is approaching. As the “summer that never was” starts to wind down, that means football season is right around the corner...
Crazy, right? We’re already this far into 2020? For me, at least, the Super Bowl feels like yesterday. But alas, here we are, only days away from the Patriots opener vs. Miami.
That leads us to ask, can the new look Patriots withstand the start of a new era? Will the young hotshots like Mahomes and Jackson continue the blazing starts to their career? Stidham or Newton? What other tricks does Bill Belichick have up his sleeve? On any given Sunday, everything is possible.
From Brady leaving, to empty stadiums, and even an expanded playoff, it’s safe to say that nothing about this season will be normal. The coronavirus pandemic has left a huge mark on the NFL and yet the organization is still committed to supporting and providing all efforts to have a positive impact. With that being the case, you can always rely on Vinnin Liquors to grab a pac…

Summertime Caribbean Cocktails 2020!!

While we are socially distancing and refraining ourselves from travelling down to the tropics for vacations, we'd like to remind you that travelling is mare a state of mind. Just as we think to relax our mind and body in the Caribbean air at the paradise of islands by the sea, we strive to get away from those imperative rules and routine chores. What could be a better moment than the present, to capitalize on this newly accustomed reality of our lives within our homes. We accept it with an open heart! So what if we can't go out, we can surely bring that Tropical feel at home. Though the thought of visiting Caribbean thrills us, self-quarantine is the need of time. So why not pretend we're in The Bahamas or Barbados instead and allow yourselves to mentally float way to the arrivals gate of the Caribbean beaches! Check out some of our lip smacking Caribbean and Curbside Cocktail recipes for getting that happy hour at home.
#1 Cuban-Style Daiquiri
● 2 oz white rum ● 1…

Have A Soothing Hot Toddy Today!

The Hot Toddy is considered to be the grandfather of hot cocktails. It is typically a mixed drink made of liquor, water with honey, herbs and spices, and is served hot. It is one of the best remedy to help alleviate cold and flu symptoms. So what could be the better option these days to stay away from the viruses while you stay home to stay safe. Sip on the Hot Toddies for easing all those aches and pains that are associated with the common cold, in a bit more natural way.
If you're in the mood for having a hot toddy this season, here are a few simple and yet tasty recipes for you to try your hands on!
#1 Bourbon Toddy Recipe
● 2 ounces Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey ● 2 ounces Lemon half, juiced ● 2-4 ounces Water (optional) ● 1 tablespoon Honey
1. In a mug or a tumbler, heat up the bourbon, lemon juice and water (if any) in the microwave for about 45 seconds. You can also use a small pan or pot on the stove if you want. 2. Add the honey 3. Whisk to combine 4. Microwa…

5 Delicious Springtime Cocktails

Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party! With the arrival of warmer weather, explore these 5 refreshing and spring-inspired cocktails that are perfect for any event.

Reposado Old-Fashioned Cocktail
Ingredients ● 2 slices nectarine ● 2 cherries (Bing) ● 1 tablespoon agave nectar ● 3 ounces tequila (reposado) ● 2 dashes Angostura Bitters ● Garnish: bing cherry ● Garnish: nectarine slice
Instructions 1. Muddle the cherries, nectarines, and agave nectar until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. 2. Fill the glass with ice, and then add the tequila and bitters 3. Stir well and add garnish.
Whiskey Smash
Ingredients ● 3 to 4 sprigs of spearmint ● 1/4 lemon (cut up into 2 or 3 pieces) ● 1-ounce simple syrup

Vinnin Liquors: Your #1 Liquor Store in Massachusetts

On March 23rd, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Lt Gov. Karyn Polito issued a stay-at-home advisory, urging all non-essential businesses and organizations to close down and insist that people stay at home to avoid the outbreak of the coronavirus.
With liquor stores being deemed as an essential, Vinnin Liquors has made some operational changes to maintain the health and safety protocols for our workers and our customers in accordance with the Department of Public Health.
Vinnin Liquors is a locally-owned premier liquor store serving the residents of Massachusetts for over 45 years. We serve the locals from Boston, Salem, Swampscott, Marblehead, Saugus, Beverly, Lynn, and the greater North Shore area. We offer a vast selection of every day to collectible liquorsbeerwine, and more!

With events being postponed and bars shutting down temporarily, many Massachusetts residents are stocking up with the basic essentials and alcoholic beverages while they hunker down at home for the COVID-…